Whatever It Takes

by Jay Della Valle

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"Whatever It Takes" is the first in a series of Jay Della Valle "medicine songs." This particular song incorporates a very powerful mantra used in the Ancient Hawaiian healing practice Ho'Oponopono. "It's really a very simple and beautiful modification in the way I live my life and I'm grateful for my friend Cari Cole who encouraged me to read "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale, a book that taught me about Ho'Oponopono and literally shifted my perspective surrounding the idea of "taking responsibility."

Listen to "Whatever It Takes" with an open heart and let it help heal whatever in you needs a little healing. "I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You."

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Lyrics by Jay Della Valle
Music by Jay Della Valle & Shelly Riff

So lost inside this maze
A stranger that walks the streets in vain
I'm looking out
but I'm not living loud
I need an angel
to brighten up this place

Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
I love you, I need you, I can't live without you

I've made mistakes
Lord knows I'm flawed- I'm human
I've done some crazy friggen things
I proposed standing on a taxi
in the rain-with the fog
in the middle of a crowded boulevard

With every song that I sing
each and every melody
it's not a job I do
it's a piece of me
it sets me free now

Treasures beyond anything that can be appraised
only love and the promise of better days
Life works in mysterious ways
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes

Glimmer of hope
born shining in all that you grace
open your eyes for heaven's sakes
your mountain of gold awaits
your mountain of gold awaits

I love you
I'm sorry
Forgive Me
Thank You


released March 1, 2015
Jay Della Valle- Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics (www.dellavallemusic.com) @dellavalle
Shelly Riff- Producer, Keys, Percussion, Arrangements
(www.shellyriff.com) @shellyriff1

Bruce Gatewood- Guitars, Bass, & Tones
Hanan Rubinstein- Mixing
Jim Kissling- Mastering

Song Art Work by Emin Sinanyan

Special Thanks to my music mentor Cari Cole & Joe Vitali, Author of "Zero Limits", my father Vincent Della Valle for being my role model and for giving me the gift of music, and to my wonderful friends who contributed their souls and voices in the form of this songs underlying Ho'oponopono mantra- Cari Cole, Tamara Rifai, Jocelyn Mastropolo, Marc Mastropolo, Jolie Della Valle, Brad & Amy Hyson.



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Jay Della Valle Laguna Beach, California

Jay is a Singer/Songwriter from New Jersey. He is known for his band "Della Valle" and his 2 acclaimed films- The Glorius Mustache Challenge and Mount Joy. He describes his new original music as Acoustic Soul created with the specific intention to heal. ... more

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